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Dorothy is an Intuitive Reiki Master residing in New York City, where she practices Intense & Effective Reiki healing sessions. She is also an Empathic Medium with the ability to sense a client’s health and emotional problems without any prior knowledge, then focusing intently on healing those problems.

Dorothy always allows her hands to determine, how much time is needed to heal a problem, before advancing to the next hand position. She sometimes shares information she receives during a Reiki session, with her clients, when guided to do so. 

Dorothy always follows up with her clients, the day after a Reiki healing session, to make sure all is well. She exudes a warm, caring, calming and reassuring demeanor. Her love, concern and supportiveness for others transcends her healing sessions in a highly profound way.

What Is Reiki

   Reiki is Non- Invasive simple yet powerful and highly effective healing modality,
      that brings balance to Body, Spirit & Mind
   Reiki is totally harmless to the client and practitioner

Reiki Benefits

   Induces an extremely relaxed and calm State- Of- Being.
   Helps to heighten one's consciousness and restore Health & Vitality
   Balances and heals the Physical & Etheric bodies.
   Works in harmony with any and all kinds of treatment.
   Highly beneficial to people, animals and plants.

   Reiki Energy is Real, easily experienced and requires No Belief System


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      bullet Distance Healing     bullet Reiki Healing Circle 


Dorothy @ 212- 946-1077