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   Thanks for your visit to Blessed Touch

Much Appreciated!!

Dorothy is an Intuitive Reiki Master living in New York City. She offers Intense & Effective REIKI sessions. Her deep concern and love for others transcends her healing gifts in a very special way. 

REIKI, a Non- Invasive,  Simple yet Powerful & Highly Effective healing modality brings BALANCE to all areas of one's life.

REIKI induces an extremely comfortable State-Of-Being that helps heighten one's consciousness and ultimately restoring  Health & Vitality.

   Harmless to Client and Practitioner
   Balances and heals all levels of Body, Mind and Spirit
   Works in harmony with any and all kinds of Treatment.
   Beneficial to people, animal and plants.

Dorothy's ability as a  physical medium allows her to quickly sense the emotions or problems of her clients that need special focus. In each hand position, her hands determine the time needed to resolve the problem. On some occasions she will include Crystals in her Reiki Healing Sessions.

The Energy is REAL, easily experienced and requires No Belief System


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bullet Dorothy 212 - 946 -1077