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Starting in February 2013


I have been practicing Reiki since receiving Level 1 & 2 training in 1994 and became Reiki Master in 1998

  •  All Reiki Practitioners, potential Reiki healers, individuals in search of self-discovery and spiritual awareness and those who are just in need of Reiki healing.

This Reiki Healing Circle provides an opportunity for Reiki Practitioners to practice the healing and exchanging of energy. Guidance and support will be available for any Practitioner who needs it. For those individuals who are considering becoming Reiki healers will have an opportunity to experience the energy firsthand. This Reiki circle also provides a harmonious, loving and spiritual healing environment for those seeking spiritual awareness and self-discovery or just healing. 

Everyone will receive Reiki healing; there are no expectations. only the balance of giving and receiving energy. No Egos please!!  

  •  Location: Please call for address and directions

  •  Time/Day: The Second & Fourth Wednesday of every month. 5:30pm-7:30pm

  •   Contact: / Phone: 212-946-1077

  •  Donation: $25