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Distant Healing

Procedures for Remote/Distant Healing

Re: Client

button  The potential client makes contact to request/discuss the distant healing process

button  A specific time is set for the Reiki distant healing session.

button  The client is given the option of laying in bed or sitting in a quiet place just before the session starts.

button  Some kind of musical relaxation music is highly recommended.

button  The client is instructed to begin a breathing exercise about 3 minutes prior to the session.

Re: Reiki Healer

button  A photo of the client is requested, if available in addition to their name and date of birth and address.

button  A large teddy bear is used to represent my clients

button  The distant healing symbol is invoked in addition to other symbols and session begins.

button  During the session all hand positions are applied on both the front & Back of the object used
to represent the client.

button  At the end of the session the client's energy is smoothed and closed.

button  The client is then contacted to discuss the session.
button  A Teddy Bear or Pillow works well in Distant Healing, however I chose to use the Teddy Bear.