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Pre-Reiki Session & Actual Reiki Session

Removal of Jewelry

  • The client is asked to remove jewelry such as Chains, Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, as many of these objects will impede the proper flow of Energy. The client is also asked to remove Belts, Watches, etc.  Watches, for example, can interfere with the frequency and reduce the flow of energy .

Cleansing of Hands

  • The Practitioner first washes their hands for both the sanitary purpose and physical effect. Clean hands promotes pleasant feelings and encourages a deeper relaxed state, it is also beneficial to the Aura surrounding the body. As we go through a day, our Aura are sometimes affected  by objects  and /or peoples we come in contact with. Washing the hands can help to remove influences that could possibly affect a sensitive client thereby causing an adverse effect.

Charging the environment prior to Reiki session

  • Smudging is done using a pleasant and subdued forms of incense such as Sage, which is used to clear the environment of unwanted thought-forms or negative energies.  Smudging  charges the space with  positive vibrations
  • Music is both soothing and relaxing and encourages  a state of calm.
  • Music by artists such as, Steve Halpern, is ideal.

Positioning for Reiki Session

  • The client is asked to lie on his/her back on a Massage or Reiki table with hands by their side while fully clothed (if wearing a jacket would ask to remove)
  • The client is encouraged to inhale and exhale slowly and deeply to induce an initial state of calm.

Actual Reiki Session with Practitioner

  • Practitioner first scans client body for Zings (breaks in the energy field)

  • Practitioner then performs the Open Spiraling technique.

  • Practitioner draws appropriate Reiki symbols above the client's body and begins the session.

  • Reiki healing is applied to each area of the body, using corresponding hand positions that covers each area of the client's body (front, back, hand and feet).

  • The Open Spiraling is now performed to close the energy fields

  • Finally, energy is smooth from Crown to Feet Chakras.

  • Session ends and client is allowed to lay still for a few minutes